One of factors to successful manufacturing of safe and high quality products is the flawless functionality of the technical support systems standing behind those operations. One example are adequately installed and functioning ventilation systems, which contribute to the prevention of potential cross contamination between different production areas. Also the supply systems for purified water and for water for injections have a cardinal impact on the safety and innocuousness of the products manufactured.

Our professionals with special training and sound knowledge of the technical supply systems behind the manufacturing operations will be happy to support and advise You on the following tasks and questions:

  • Risk analysis for determination of design criteria for media systems
  • Preparation of concepts for media systems
  • Retrospective preparation of documentation for existing media systems
  • Risk analysis for identification of qualification activities required
  • Planning, realization and qualification of media systems
  • Set-up of monitoring plans, including evaluation and optimization of existing plans
  • Root cause analysis for deviations and other problems with media systems and definition of adequate CAPA measures