Filling in for Leading Staff – Interim Managers

You are facing a temporary peak in workload or task? And the competence required to get the task covered is currently not available within your company? You need to bridge this vacancy until You have identified personnel who can fill the position permanently? In this situation, qualified personnel for interim management – a leading staff member for a limited time period – can be a great solution.

With no replacement readily at hand and the prospect of months ahead trying to find an adequate substitute, unexpected dropouts of key personnel can easily turn into a greatly straining time for Your business – especially in a GMP work environment.
gmp-experts may have the efficient short-notice solution You need. Our own personnel has several years of management experience in various areas of the pharmaceutical and API industry. We would be happy to provide You with an interim manager for a limited period of time.

Examples for interim management areas:

  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Manufacturing / Production
  • Engineering