Where high quality products are manufactured, especially when products are highly active or need to be sterile, flawlessly operating clean rooms and containment areas are indispensable. Early on in the planning phase for such areas, crucial aspects of Good Engineering Practice (GEP) must be duly considered. Only this way, unexpected additional costs, delays in commissioning and other unpleasant surprises can be avoided.

With long-standing experience in this field and knowing the relevant regulations and standards well, we are able to prepare concepts for clean room and containment areas, custom-fitted to meet the needs of Your company situation. Naturally, we also stay at Your side during concept realization – from the implementation of the requirements defined in the project concept, all the way to commissioning.

Where requested, we will take full care of the project coordination and project management for You, too.

Our services:

  • Concept design for clean room and containment areas, with consideration of GMP / GEP compliance and actual process realities
  • Concept design for technical installations and media systems for the buildings concerned
  • Assistance in the concept design for the flow of materials and personnel
  • Support in defining non-standard requirements for clean room and containment areas
  • Assessment, optimization and development of GMP-conforming and cost-efficient monitoring systems
  • Support in qualification and commissioning