Aside from our company-open GMP seminars, we specialize in company-specific in-house training. This will be based on what You require and ask us to present and thus will be fully customized to the needs of Your company. This means that what You receive from us is no „standard training“, since there is no such thing as a “standard company” with “standard employees”.
Into an in-house training we always include problem cases taken from the reality of our consultancy and inspection practice. Naturally we can also add those from situations of Your company context. Through this and by keeping all contents and references very recent, the training will be received by the participants with genuine interest and the teaching delivered will last.

5 Steps to Your custom-tailored in-house training:

  1. You define the topics and focal points for the training You would like to request.
  2. Together with You, we define the contents and the depth of the training.
  3. For You, we prepare the training material customized for Your employees to be trained (if You wish, this can include an integrated verification of training success).
  4. You define the date, place, time and length of the training.
  5. Our experiened trainers conduct the training, making the contents taught a positively lasting part in the participants´ memory.

If You have no suitable rooms available for the training, we gladly offer to organize the required accommodations and any further assistance for You.

Feel free to request Your in-house training by phone or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our training specialists will prepare an individual and personalized offer for You.