Aside of our customized in-house training portfolio, we offer a compact annual curriculum of GMP seminars, in cooperation with the Sorell Hotel Aarauerhof in Aarau / Switzerland, the Renaissance Hotel in Karlsruhe / Germany and the Novotel in Freiburg / Germany.

Our seminars have developed from our professional practice and experience in consultancy. These training sessions have been successfully put to the practical test, and this many times over. The contents and materials are compiled and prepared in a straightforward way, easy to comprehend. Added focus is put on what is essential and what necessary – making what You learn more readily applicable in Your particular work context.

Why You should book a training with gmp-experts:

  • Each seminar is characterized by a clear topical thread; all presentations are inter-coordinated and build upon each other.
  • We limit our seminar groups to a maximum of 15 participants, to ensure thorough interactive training and to give ample room for subject matter discussion as well as professional and constructive exchange between the participants and the trainer(s).
  • Presented by experienced and gmp-experts´ internal trainers only, even theoretical and at times dry subject matter is delivered in a comprehensive and graphical manner, and free from interpretive contradictions regarding seminar contents.
  • Presentations, case studies, workshops and a concentrated exchange of professional experience during the plenum discussions – all this provides constructive training variety and promotes a lasting buildup of Your knowledge and qualification.
  • Rooted in years of experience from working with companies of various sizes, we know the needs of mid-size businesses as well as of corporate enterprises. This enables us to provide differentiated answers to Your questions during our seminars.
  • The interpretations of GMP regulations and the solutions to GMP-related problem situations – as presented in the seminars – stem from practical experience and have been proved by authority inspections. In this we stand for an efficient and risk-based realization of GMP.

Join us in our gmp-experts Seminars and experience the great benefit of small group training. Fill the gap between GMP theory and practice.