Production processes in the cosmetics industry are often complex and sensitive to the hygienic condition of the production environment. The latter is owed to an oftentimes high water content of many cosmetic products, and high hygiene standards are called for in regard to process and personnel. This is reflected in the increased legal demands on hygiene for cosmetics manufacturers, too.
At gmp-experts we take pride in providing You consultancy that is personalized, training which is in step with actual practice, and concepts that are custom-made to meet Your needs.
Our expertise rests on several years of experience acquired from working with companies of various sizes and structures. We are aware of the needs of mid-size businesses just as we are familiar with the challenges of larger corporations. This is what enables us to differentiate and to provide adequate solutions, custom-fit to Your situation and taking into account the risks Your products may hold or be exposed to.

Our services:

  • Development of hygiene concepts for clean rooms (zoning and lock concepts)
  • Preparation and optimization of hygiene plans
  • Microbiological assessment and evaluation of hygiene-related problems and preparation of improvement measures
  • Preparation of check lists and work instructions related to hygiene and hygiene management
  • Effective interactive and practical training of Your personnel in matters of hygiene