Globalization continues to provide access to new business resources. Often those appear economically attractive to meet the demands for GMP-relevant materials and services. As a consequence from globalized GMP-trading activities, the requirements for supplier qualification have grown noticeably during recent years. We are happy to provide You with advice and support in setting up an efficient and GMP-compliant concept for the qualification of Your suppliers. Naturally we will also perform audits (locally and globally) at Your contract manufacturers and suppliers for You.

Take advantage of our seasoned auditing expertise in various areas and countries. Make best use of our experiences with the particular GMP-views and customs. This will assure thorough insight into Your supplier, providing You with solid ground for further cooperation with that business partner. The audit report will be prepared with consideration of Your requirements and for You only(!). Although common at other auditing-services, gmp-experts does not use information from Your audit for other purposes or even other customers.

The following services are part of our portfolio:

  • Set-up of supplier qualification concepts
  • Local and global auditing of contract manufacturers, material and component suppliers
  • Preparation of comprehensive audit reports with clear supplier evaluation
  • Education and training of auditors, where requested as on-the-job training in the framework of supplier qualification